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Welcome to the homepage of Veikko Ahvenainen!

Veikko Ahvenainen is one of the World’s most accomplished accordion virtuosos. His fame rests on his superb technique and interpretations. His repertoire, in addition to all the favorite compositions for accordion, includes music by the classical composers. He has performed with symphony orchestras, in night clubs, concert halls, churches, schools and ballrooms, as well as on radio and television.

Mr. Ahvenainen has composed numerous pieces of music as well as arrangements and study books for the accordion. He has also composed classical works for accordion and Chamber Orchestra as well as Symphony Orchestras.

He is one of the most active of the accordionists of the world: look at the Veikko Ahvenainen’s recordings on this page!

He plays a variety of accordions depending on the music to be performed. But his favorite instrument is definitely the Volkovich Accordion which is the only one in the Western World, made especially for him by the master craftsman in the Soviet Union, Mr. Juri Volkovich. This instrument is hadmade and is fully chromatic on both melody and bass sides. It is truly an ”Accordion Stradivarius”. During his lifetime, Mr. Juri Volkovich made only 16 accordions, primarily to be given by the Cultural Ministry to accordiong artists designated to receive such honors. Mr. Ahvenainen’s instrument is the last one made by his friend, who passed away shortly after completing it. He remembers Mr. Volkovich’s words well: ”This will be the last instrument I will make, and the best one, because it is made for an artist and a friend with love.”

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tel: +358 40 555 8072